The Cruise Ship


Sailing the Big Seas of the Online World in Style

You want an impressive website that WORKS. 

Whether you’re selling products online or have multiple services to promote, you need something that shows off why you’re the best in the business. 

The Cruise Ship website package is perfect for your needs. Professional design, persuasive content, and an affordable price tag. 

What You Get:

  • A mobile responsive website with up to 10 core pages
  • Supports e-commerce (extra setup & monthly costs may apply)
  • Blog
  • Content consultation with a strategist
  • Website works as an app (PWA)
  • Domain name
  • Secure website lock / SSL certificate
  • Homepage copywriting
  • Unmetered traffic
  • Website security, firewall, hacker & DDoS protection
  • Backups before any requested changes
  • Analytics
  • Simple privacy policy
  • No support charges
  • Minor content updates free & included
  • Built & launched within a month

What You Pay:

  • Setup: $16,888
  • Ongoing Monthly Services: $295.99



Get Your Website Live

in One Month

Our team is standing by, ready to work on your project — RIGHT NOW!

Tired of hearing your web project will cost $15k & take 3-5 months? Well, so are we. Getting started is easy. Let us guide you with getting your business online in 4 weeks or less, GUARANTEED!

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