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Trust-Based Web Design Trends To Embrace In 2019


The year 2018 was memorable in so many different ways from the World Cup to the Winter Olympics as these were the top two searched topics during this time. In other online headlines, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg found himself in plenty of hot water testifying before a United States Senate committee.

Countries from around the world including Canada and the UK joined together to force Mark to come clean about questionable antics occurring on his popular social media platform. Data breaches, overlooking the use of fake news and privacy concerns were at the forefront of questions coming from this American congressional committee.

With online scandals and scams becoming more commonplace, these unscrupulous events are causing more internet users to lose trust in these providers. They’re also beginning to lose faith in brands, businesses, their products and services.

Nike – Don’t Do It

Remember the Nike fiasco associated with a branding strategy using controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick as their silent spokesperson in a black-and-white ad campaign seen around the world? While some say it was a smashing success, many patriotic Americans were offended by the image and were seen burning their Nike branded products on social media sights.

For reasons like these, building and maintaining trust online has become more paramount in connecting with consumers on the internet. Here we’ll take a look at how we’re able to implement more faith with users when it comes to web design and construction.

Trust On A Website

The first question we must as ourselves is, exactly how does one incorporate the concept of trust in web design? Today’s consumers are looking to see more transparency when it comes to a brand, their business, products and services. One of the first places to start is on a company’s all-important “about us” web page.

Being Historical And Biographical

While this commonly found page on a website may seem self-serving, recent marketing reports reveal 86% of online users actually want to see this type of information available to them. Common examples of this content include staff biographies describing everyone from top executives down to the core staff of representatives.

A history of a company from inception will show a particular business has been in place over a given stretch of time, is trustworthy and reliable. This is also a place to showcase awards, unique honors, positive nods in the press and other notable achievements. This page is where a consumer will do some quick homework when looking at a company’s reputation even if its written from the perception of the owner, management or staff.

Being Evident Using Testimonials

Given the rise of customer reviews found on popular sites like Yelp, these types of testimonials go a long way in bonding with today’s online consumers. Whether a link is placed in order to take a user directly to one (or more) of these platforms, installing a specific page listing some of these compliments or placing them along the border or bottom of the home page, consumers will peruse these comments.

While negative reviews pop up from time-to-time, they’re usually few and far between, many viewers will read them with a grain of salt. One bad apple is usually buried among dozens, more often hundreds or even thousands of these online rankings. Nowadays users weigh the good against the bad when checking these references. Think of it this way, when reading these posts, the majority of them are positive, but one nasty, off-the-collar comment usually resinates with consumers as someone who was likely in a foul mood or just had a really bad day.

Being Accessible

There are several ways businesses are more accessible online without being chained to their computers 24/7 and one consideration is the installation of a chatbot on a website. Even though most people are aware they aren’t communicating with a human being, almost 70% of users prefer this platform as a quick way to communicate with a business or brand. Providing quick answers to common questions, this interactive application shows customers a company is doing their best to stay in touch with them online.

Another consideration is a link installed taking users to the use of private messaging methods. Similar to chatbots and the PM platform found on Facebook, a small pop-up window offers a tool for customers to chat with someone from the firm. In most cases, these programs inform the user of response times that won’t be immediate but give them a time frame when they should expect a reply.

Being Sociable

While we’re speaking of Facebook again, a presence on social media platforms is almost expected in today’s tech-drenched society. Even though Zuckerberg’s site has lost some respect and traction recently in the public eye, it’s still one of the most popular social networking venues available online. While links to the top social sites often appear on a web page (like FB, Instagram and Twitter), from a business perspective, LinkedIn is a well-respected platform connecting companies on a B2B and B2C level with some notable and trustworthy statistics.

With 560 million users, over a quarter a million of them logging in regularly, 91% of today’s executives are using this site as a source for their content. While that’s impressive enough on its own, LinkedIn is also a respectable place for those who are both well-educated and in higher income levels. According to associative figures, half of their users have a college education compared to just 9% of those with a high school diploma.

Being Consistent

While it might seem obvious or perceived as Web Design 101, creating consistent imagery across the site should also be shared on social networks and print materials. This is an easy way to help build trust with customers and keeps a familiar feel with consumers who will recognize a company and brand with certain colors and images always being present.

When you’re looking for the very best when it comes to website design, please contact us today. We’ve always got our fingers on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not on the internet. You can place your trust in us to make sure you’ll shine the brightest when designing this important online platform for your business.

Written by Rob

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